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Welcome to Into the BLUE

I'm Aisling Lynch, Open Water Specialist, based in Galway on the beautiful west coast of Ireland.

My daily blue practice - whether that's seeing, hearing or being in water - allows me to slow down, destress, move my body, listen, connect with nature and those around me.

I have over 10 years blue space experience as an aqua yoga instructor, swim instructor, open water coach (Swim Ireland Level 2) and adventure swimmer, working with both groups and individuals.

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To share my love of open water with others

To create a safe environment for people to connect with their mind and body in a blue space

To bring people together to enjoy all that blue spaces have to offer

Grass Beside the Sea

We protect what we love


At the coast, teams are naturally in a space that promotes togetherness and an added team building aspect only enhances that experience

Coffee with Friends

Our people are our greatest asset

Based on your needs, a bespoke experience for you and your team will be designed and delivered.

3 hour participant led interactive sessions delivered by the coast in Salthill, Galway.

Using the core themes of self connection, community connection and nature connection you choose a series of activities that best meet your requirements.

Helping you to connect better to your people

and helping your people to take better care of themselves.

Scenic View of Calm Sea with Fog


Customised activities to meet your group's specific needs

A man on the beach. relaxing deep breathing.

Connect with Self

Getting out of your head

and into your body

Slowing down


Understanding blue benefits

Mindful open water experience

Connect with Community

Coastal team building activities

Foster a positive

work environment

Build rapport with others

Spark team spirit

Have fun

Cleaning plastic bottle pollution on a beach

Connect with Nature

Spend time in nature

Beach clean

Beach & swim safety

Environmental education

Protecting the blue space you enjoy


To discuss creating a bespoke experience for you and your team, please feel free to get in touch.

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(086) 856 1252

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